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Introduction of 5.0% Emamectin Benzoate WDG

source:本站Release time:2016-09-12

Product characteristics:

This production is recognized as the best dissolubility granule in the world, with high water-solubility. It is researched and developed by our company, and has been product on a large scale. It acts on the pests’ motor nerve system by eating, then make the pests paralysis and death. It infiltrates into the epidermis rapidly, which become the secondary killing flood tide. The period of validity reaches more than seven days.

Registered application scope:

Crops         Target                Quantity of using valid composition

Cruciferae    Plutella xylostella       1.8-3.0g/ha

Cruciferae    Spodoptera exigua    2.0-3.0g/ha


2.2-3.2g/ha     against Helicoverpa armigera on the cotton

2.0-3.2g/ha     against Cabbage Butterfly and Heliothis assulta Guenee


1.It can’t be blended with alkaline pesticide.

2.Abide the safe operating rules of pesticide; take Emetine or Ephedrine if swallow by mistake.

3.The best spraying time is in the dusk, spraying evenly for god's sake.

4.Bees, silkworms and fishes are sensitive to this production.

Application method:

Twice dilution. First dissolve the WSG in a little water, then spraying after added water. The most effective method is that spray on the young larva, and using quantity should be increased on generation superposed or in the disaster area.

Storage and transportation:

1.Avoid to store in high temperature area and near fire.

2.Deposit in shady and dry place.

3.Take and put slowly, not transport and put together with vegetables.


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